In order to offer suggestions for adjustments in procedures to minimize risks and ensure greater legal certainty for managers, Fortus carries out a joint work with the owner of the area, presenting an external and specialized view. This, through the review and analysis of reports and records:

Accounting | Tax | Labor | Social security

Due Diligence

It is a procedure to investigate and audit a company’s documents and information, in order to confirm data available to potential buyers and investors, as well as to measure actual and potential risks. Due diligence may cover various items, such as taxes, contracts, corporate acts, environmental, labor, social security and other matters, depending on the business area in which the company operates.

  • Accounting
  • Labor
  • Supervisor
  • Company
  • Financial


The work consists of the study for the identification of the needs, as well as the creation of performance indicators to monitor, evaluate and position the company on all processes of the Quality Management System that meet the requirements of the clients and the ISO and MEG standards (Management Excellence Model).

  • Definition of controls over existing practices;
  • Proposition of new management practices;
  • Definition of indicators;
  • Mapping processes;
  • Drafting of management reports;
  • Application of the principles of the MEG (Management Excellence
  • Model) and ISO 9001 (International Standard Organization).


One of the company’s main intangible assets is often unprotected and one of the primary ways to reduce this risk is to register the brand.

  • Assistance in the registration of the entrepreneur with the INPI;
  • Feasibility research for trademark registration;
  • Consultancy and advice on the deposit of the mark;
  • Follow-up of oppositions to trademark registration;
  • Administrative defenses to registration oppositions.

Financial Consulting

Controlling cash flow to ensure the company’s financial balance is of fundamental importance for the survival of the business. Fortus reviews all financial routines, reviews expenditures, and suggests improvements in processes to ensure security for managers.

  • Cash flow analysis;
  • Establishments of financial routines;
  • Implementation of financial controls;
  • Advice on ERP implementation
  • Rules for definition of elevations;
  • Negotiation of fees with banks;
  • Project feasibility analysis;
  • Renegotiation of debts with creditors.


The correct declaration of income tax provides for the recovery of taxes already paid at source and compliance with Brazilian law, thus avoiding the payment of fines. The intense business environment enables a large movement of professionals between countries. In this way, we act in support of professionals who are transferred to Brazil or abroad, to provide them with adequate advice to their individual situations and in support of the controls of the companies in which they operate.

  • Elaboration of the annual adjustment of the Income Tax;
  • Calculations of Monthly Income Tax (lion card);
  • Tax calculations on capital gain and variable income;
  • Regularization of the fiscal and cadastral status of the taxpayer’s CPF;
  • Tax planning;
  • Registration of the book;
  • Consultancy to understand the tax aspects arising from designation in Brazil;
  • Elaboration of final declaration of exit of the Country;
  • Preparation of declaration of Brazilian capital abroad (Bacen Declaration);
  • Analysis of international agreements to avoid double taxation;
  • Obtaining a tax residence certificate.
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