Since 2007, the year that Fortus signed up for the Gaucho Quality and Productivity Program (PGQP), it realized that it had found the way to improve daily processes, that is, the management of the organization. From then on, the company evolved and began to implement ISO in 2010, and the first recognition with the PGQP was achieved in 2011. In 2012, came the ISO certification and the Bronze Trophy of PGQP. In 2013, Fortus received the PGQP Silver Trophy and the MPE / Sebrae Brazil Award, being among the four best companies in the segment in Brazil for the national phase of the MPE. In 2014, the organization repeated the achievement of the Silver Trophy of the Gaucho Quality and Productivity Program, and won new and relevant international accounts.

Group Companies

  • Fortus Comptroller
  • Fortus RH
  • Fortus Administrative Services

Social Responsability

Since its founding, Fortus has always had as one of its pillars the concern for a better society. So, together with the team that integrates the company, decided to develop some social campaigns in favor of communities that are part of the neighborhood where the company’s headquarters is located, such as the Little House of the Child, the School Sowing Tomorrow, Lar Santo Antônio Of the Exceptional and the Emmanuel Society. The company has also participated in the Social Responsibility Award of the Gaucho Legislative Assembly, with the preparation and delivery of its Social Balance Sheet. In this way, the creation of the solidarity declaration is characterized as a form of assistance to institutions that need permanent support to meet those who lack the conditions. That is, the person who makes his Income Tax Return with Fortus and donates a sweater, has a 15% discount on the service. Already in the food campaign, donations are also donated to these entities, who, with this aid, manage to provide better nutrition to those who need it. The third campaign is always held at the end of the year because of the Christmas holidays. The Christmas cards that the company sends to its customers and partners are drawn up by the children of the Semeando o Tomorrow School. Fortus provides the material for these students to decorate and make the cards. Afterwards, the office presents each of the children with a Christmas toy, thus helping the people who are part of the community of the Parthenon neighborhood, where the headquarters of Fortus and this school is located.
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