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With a mission to provide innovative solutions in business management that add value and increase the competitiveness of organizations, Fortus has a committed and committed team, and strategic partners who share the same values, contributing to a better society. Strong values such as integrity, for example, maintains excellent reputation, with high standards of conduct and open and honest communication. Based on innovation, teamwork, excellence and agility, the company impressed its culture, that is, the Fortus way of being.


Controllership and Consutory in the areas:

Accounting, Taxation, Corporate, Financial and Personnel Management.


Its high quality standard is attested internationally by ISO 9001 and by the Gaúcho Quality and Productivity Program (PGQP).

Development of customized management accounting reports, as well as the knowledge and experience of its professionals in the implementation of management software (parameterization to comply with tax legislation).

In 2013, Sebrae was considered the fourth best service company in Brazil, through the MPE Award.

In his team, several professionals have fluency in the English, German and Spanish languages.

Assistance to international clients, directing them to establish themselves in Brazil. The company today has in its portfolio organizations from Germany, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Switzerland, Austria, the United States and England; As well as important gauchos and other states of the country.

In addition to its two units in Porto Alegre (RS), one in the East Zone and another in the North Zone, the company has service in the city of São Paulo.


Trends and Thoughts

Persistence to overcome challenges

 After many events in Brazilian politics, which consequently had a direct impact on the economy, 2016 was really troubled and of many uncertainties for practically all citizens. It was a challenging year, with some companies closing their doors and others getting restructured to stand.

Even so, with this unstable scenario, Fortus conquered important national and international clients, organized its team, expanding, even, its portfolio of clients in the city of São Paulo. He has also launched a new product: the accounting franchise, which is being structured to work vigorously this year. It also consolidated the Fortus RH.

Thus, we reached 2017, with a framework that requires a lot of acumen, creativity and organization on the part of the entrepreneurs. For Fortus, it will be a busy year, but with the prediction of greater stability than in 2015 and 2016.

A prosperous year to all!

Fortus Team

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